Camping in the Great Outdoors! Explore Eastern Japan for an Extraordinary Experience.

 While staying at prestigious inns or historically rich hotels can be delightful, a camping journey with less modern amenities can be equally as lovely. Camping amidst nature in tents promises a unique and sensory-rich experience. Check weather updates and comfortably enjoy within a suitable range for you.

 Starting the trip from Himi Station, take the JR Himi Line to Takaoka Station, then transfer to the Hokuriku Shinkansen at Shin-Takaoka Station to Ueda Station. From there, continue on the Hokuriku Shinkansen to Omiya Station, transfer to the Tohoku Shinkansen, and head towards Koriyama Station. There are alternative routes via highway buses or cars, so choose your mode of transportation based on your preferences and objectives.

Unwind Without Constraint and Enjoy BBQ at this Glamping Resort Glancing at Toyama Bay in Himi City: "WHARF&CO."

 Himi City boasts a rich natural landscape extending from the sea to the mountains, offering a breath-taking view of the world-renowned "Tateyama Mountain Range across the sea." Within the city, numerous campsites and hassle-free BBQ spots allow visitors to immerse themselves in this fantastic, incredible, and astonishing scenery. Among them stands "WHARF&CO." (pictured), a glamping facility where you can relish in one of Toyama Prefecture's finest vistas.

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Opened in July 2022, "WHARF&CO." offers a one-of-a-kind vantage point of both the Tateyama Mountain Range and the Sea of Japan. The are three types of accommodation available: single-story villas, two-story villas featuring a terrace with views of Toyama Bay and a private parking area, and lastly, a luxurious standalone unit accommodating up to 8 guests, providing an exclusive and relaxed stay while overlooking Toyama Bay (pictured). They also offer a hassle-free BBQ where you can order takeout menus that feature local Himi delicacies. In all lodgings, whether it's BBQ or takeout, the guests can bring their beloved dogs along.


Address: 4644 Ohmachi-cho, Himi City, Toyama

Experience the Northern Alps Tateyama Mountain Range and the Beautiful Amaharashi Coast! Campground in the Pine Forest "Amaharashi Campground" in Takaoka.

Located within the Noto Peninsula National Quasi-Park, the Amaharashi Coast is designated as one of "Japan's 100 Best Beaches" and part of the "100 Fine White Sandy Beaches with Green Pines." It's also among one of the "Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club." In summer, it's renowned as one of the prime coastal bathing spots along the Sea of Japan. Along this coast lies the Amaharashi Campground (pictured).

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Amaharashi Campground
The 'Amaharashi Campground' is known for being free doesn't require advance booking (except for July and August). It offers around 50 available tent sites. Facilities are basic, comprising of a kitchen area (pictured), rest area, water toilets, and outdoor showers. There are no equipment rentals available. During summer, the Amaharashi and Matsudaehama beaches attract a large number of beachgoers since the ocean is just across the bike path. Please note that it's closed during the winter season (December to March).


Address: 4764-4 Tatsuguchi, Ohta, Takaoka City, Toyama

Zoo, Go-kart, and Big Open Spaces! Located at the Foothills of Mount Eboshidake, "Shimin-no-Mori Park Campground and BBQ Area" in Ueda City.

Ueda City boasts breath-taking landscapes year-round, featuring beautiful flowers, lush greenery, swaying rice fields, autumn foliage, and a snowy wonderland. Catering to all types of explorers: solo adventurers, families, and those seekin a summer or winter escapade, the "Shimin-no-Mori Park Campground and BBQ Area" (pictured) is a free-to-use site amidst this scenic haven.

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Shimin-no-Mori Park Campground and BBQ Area
"The Shimin-no-Mori Park Campground" is a free municipal campground situated within Ueda City's "Shimin-no-Mori Park". The campsite (pictured) is comprised of 13 tent spaces, 5 bungalows, and 15 BBQ areas. Please note that it's closed during the winter season (December to March) due to water shutoff. For detailed information about the facilities, reservation procedures, and more, please contact the facility directly.


Address: 3780-65 Yoshida, Ueda City, Nagano

A Campsite Featuring Seven Beaches Along Lake Inawashiro, Offering a Panoramic View of Mount Bandai! "Konan Nanahama Campground” in Koriyama City.

Koriyama City, is blessed with abundant nature and boasts the largest lake in the Tohoku region, Lake Inawashiro. Along the Konan district facing Lake Inawashiro, there are seven beaches known as "Konan Shichi-hama": Hamajihama, Yokozawahama, Tatehama, Funatsuhama (pictured), Funatsu Park, Seishogahama, and Akiyamahama. Each offers a stunning view of Mount Bandai and presents beautiful scenery. Apart from Hamajihama, each beach hosts a campground (pictured).

Recommended sight seeing spot
Konan-nanahama campground
Each campground is equipped with cooking facilities and toilets. During summer, apart from camping, these sites draw crowds for activities like swimming in the lake (pictured: Tatehama), as well as attracting many visitors interested in water sports and fishing. Since there is no rental equipment available, visitors will need to bring their own gear. These facilities are open for use only from May to October (during water facility operational periods) and are free of charge.


Address: Konan-cho, Koriyama City, Fukushima

A Journey to Experience the Great Outdoors Through Camping!

Staying at inns or hotels is great, but camping in the heart of nature provides precious moments like stargazing and embracing the feeling of tranquillity. Be mindful of the weather and adhere to the site's rules for a delightful experience!

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