The Perfect Season is from October to November! An East Japan Trip to enjoy the Vibrant Fall Leaves from Valleys, Mountaintops, and Hot Springs.

After Sapporo City, you'll head to New Chitose Airport and catch a flight to Sendai before making your way to Fukushima. Transitioning between the Tohoku Shinkansen and local trains will take you to Mizusawa Station, and from there, you'll continue on the local train to Osawa Station in Minamiuonuma City. If you prefer a road trip from Sapporo to Fukushima, there's the option of using ferries or taking the Hokkaido Shinkansen to Shin-Aomori, depending on your travel preferences.

"Jozankei Onsen" in Sapporo City Just an Hour's Trip from the Center of Sapporo! A Nice Autumn Foliage Onsen Town Designated as a National Park.

Sapporo offers a chance to revel in the beautiful autumn scenery in October. Places like Maruyama Park, Odori Park, and Nakajima Park showcase vibrant red foliage alongside the cityscape. For those seeking a more dynamic foliage experience, away from the urban setting, Jozankei Onsen (pictured) is highly recommended. Located just about an hour's drive from downtown Sapporo, it not only provides lodging but also offers facilities for day-trippers to enjoy casual hot spring visits, making it an easy and accessible way to indulge in the onsen experience.

Recommended sight seeing spot
"Jozankei Onsen"
"Jozankei Onsen" is a hot spring nestled in a stunning valley within the Shikotsu-Toya National Park (pictured), boasting a history of over 155 years since first opening their baths. Originating from the rich natural environment and the mountainous terrain of an ancient volcanic belt, the drops from the forest seep deep into the earth, resulting in an abundant gushing of hot springs formed by the earth's heat. Thanks to the significant temperature variations in the valley's rocky surfaces and the flowing rivers, the autumn leaves here boast vibrant colors. Surrounded by mountains, this locale offers a luxurious display of autumn foliage throughout—from the hot spring town and walking trails to lodging rooms and open-air baths. The peak time to visit and witness this spectacle is in mid-October.


Address:3 HIgashi, Jozankei Onsen, Minami Ward, Sapporo City

"Fukushima’s Three Famous Onsen" in Fukushima City Let’s enjoy the fall foliage in the three exceptional Onsen― Iizaka Onsen, beloved by haiku and tanka poets; "Tsuchiyu Onsen" with a rich history of 1400 years; and "Takayu Onsen," a hidden gem with cloudy water.

Fukushima City offers numerous spots for mountain climbing, trekking, driving routes (like Jododaira and Bandai-Azuma Skyline), and open-air baths to enjoy the autumn foliage. After viewing the autumn foliage, we recommend visiting the renowned "Fukushima Three Famous Onsen"—Takayu Onsen, Tsuchiyu Onsen (pictured), and Iizaka Onsen. They're located within the city, and each at a similar distance from Fukushima Station.

Recommended sight seeing spot
"Fukushima’s Three Famous Onsen"
Iizaka Onsen has the oldest history, believed to have been visited by Yamato Takeru during his eastern expedition; it was also frequented by haiku and tanka poets such as Matsuo Basho and Masaoka Shiki. Tsuchiyu Onsen, situated in the western part of Fukushima City, boasts over 1,400 years of history, offering more than ten types of springs, including simple hot springs, simple sulfur springs, and carbonic acid hydrogen carbonate springs. 'Onuma' and 'Menuma' are popular spots for admiring the autumn foliage. Surrounded by the immense nature of the Azuma mountain range, Takayu Onsen features only hot springs and is absent of entertainment facilities or souvenir shops making it valued as a place for prolonged stays to restore one's health. All three hot spring towns are accessible within a 30 to 40-minute drive from Fukushima Station, allowing for day trips. The peak time to ​​fully enjoy the autumn foliage is from mid to late October.


address: 3 Totsuna-cho, Iizaka-machi, Fukushima City, Fukushima (Iizuka Onsen)
https://iizaka.info/ (Iizuka Onsen)
https://www.tcy.jp/en/(Tsuchiyu Onsen )
http://www.takayuonsen.jp/en/index.html (Takayu Onsen )

Enjoy the Autumn Foliage Walk Along the Tone River Overlooking Mount Tanigawa! Explore the Gorge of the Momiji Bridge Located on the South Side of Minakami Onsen Town. "Suwakyo" in Minakami town.

Minakami town, the largest municipality in Gunma Prefecture, boasts a significant elevation difference of approximately 1600 meters between its mountains and plains. The region's distinctive topography gives rise to a unique phenomenon—varied peak times for autumn foliage in different spots. Throughout and surrounding the town, there are a number of picturesque locations, including Oze, Oku-Nikko's primeval forest, Terihakyo Gorge, Mount Tanigawa, and Suwakyo (pictured), offering visitors an extended autumnal spectacle from late September to early November, spanning over a month.

Recommended sight seeing spot
Suwakyo, a stretch of peculiar rock formations and bizarre boulders along the Tone River can be accessed from around the Momiji Bridge, located on the southern side of Minakami Onsen town in Gunma Prefecture. At the base of a 20-meter-high rock wall stretches the 32-meter-long hanging bridge called Sasafue Bridge, offering breathtaking views and serving as an exquisite autumn foliage site. Visitors can casually stroll along the promenade, explore the Maple leaf-surrounded foliage park, and even try bungee jumping from the Suwakyo Ohashi bridge. Nearby, there's the Suwakyo Onsen, Suwaburo, a day-use hot spring facility with 100% natural spring water, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in an autumnal hot spring experience. The best viewing period for the autumn leaves is from late October to early November.


Address: Obinata, Minakami-cho, Tone-gun, Gunma, etc.

Satoyama Jujyo in Minamiuonuma city You Might Witness a Breathtaking Fusion of Vibrant Autumn Foliage in Full Bloom and Snowy Landscapes in November! Enjoy Scenic Foliage Treks.

Minamiuonuma City has plenty of spots to enjoy autumn foliage, such as the Uonuma Skyline, which offers a beautiful view of Minamiuonuma City, Tokamachi City, and the Sanukikawa Dam where the reservoir mirrors the autumn leaves. It also has the Hakkaisan Ropeway where you can ​​contemplate on the autumn colors of the sacred Hakkaisan mountain. Among these, the Satoyama Jujyo (pictured), spanning from an altitude of 2,000 meters down to 150 meters, showcases a two-month-long progression of autumn foliage. By November, visitors might have the chance to relish both the vibrant autumn colors and the snowy landscapes.

Recommended sight seeing spot
"Satoyama Jujyo"
Satoyama Jujyo (pictured) is a facility composed of five buildings, centered around a 150-year-old traditional Japanese house with a reception area. Overlooking mountains such as Mt. Makihata, one of Japan’s top 100 mountains, and other peaks along the border between the Joshinetsu region, it has "Tennokawa" Onsen which offers a view of mountains around 2,000 meters above sea level. Visitors can also enjoy a 'Local Gastronomy' experience, showcasing the region's culture, history, and local food. The rooms are adorned with designer furniture and art. The best time to enjoy the autumn foliage visible from this facility is from around October 10th to the end of November.


Address: 1209-6 Osawa, Minamiuonuma City, Niigata

A Journey to Experience the Breathtaking Autumn Foliage Spread Across Nature Through Drives, Strolls, and Hot Springs.

A journey to savor the beautifully adorned autumn foliage across various locations once the air turns brisk in October. As the timing of the foliage varies with the climate, it's advisable to check the foliage updates beforehand. Additionally, temperatures can drop significantly depending on the time of day, so don't forget to prepare for the cold weather!

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